Latest additions to the site:

On the "links" page I have added another new link suggested by a recent visitor to a site that may help with identification of the insects you can see around the home (thanks to Maureen S. for this one).

Just a note on the above site: it also includes some links to product suppliers. Whileyphoto does not endorse those suppliers or thier products.


Note regarding the "Links" page:

Quite a few people send me suggestions for new links. While I am grateful for for such suggestions and will add links if I think they are useful and appropriate, if I were to add them all it would run to several pages. The purpose of my website is to share my passion for (mostly) wildlife photography; I will not add links that are not related to that theme, nor will I add links to commercial sites and sales outlets.

I have also had a couple of people asking me if they can write an article for me to add to the site; subjects that they are interested in and hope to use my website to promote. Sorry, but the answer to that is almost always going to be "No". I pay to maintain my website and am not going to give out free space for other people to use, nor use my site to promote other people's interests. If you want to write something and publish it, get your own website!!


Thanks for looking/listening.